Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deck - Week 5

Miter saw setup
It rained all day Saturday so not much was accomplished. Actually, it pretty much rained all week putting a serious damper in any progress. I manged to get a tarp setup underneath the deck to protect the new saw while I cut stair planks. I got a few stairs installed before the rain became too miserable to continue.
A few stairs done
I'm using vinyl trim for the stair risers to match the railing. It didn't rain Sunday so I was able to get all the stairs done plus the framing for the step off the kitchen door. I broke 3 T15 bits while screwing down the CorectDeck CX decking. That stuff is crazy dense. So it was off to HomeDespot to get more T15 bits and a new set of drill bits and a quick release adapter. My new 12" sliding compound miter saw is working well. Kerry said Merry Xmas, Happy, Birthday, Merry Xmas, Happy, Birthday, Merry Xmas, Happy, Birthday, etc. for the next few years for that one. The weather is supposed to be good this week, so I should finish the blocking and kitchen sliding glass door step and be able to get started on the picture frame before the weekend. Forcast is showing rain for Saturday again... Blah.

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