Sunday, October 4, 2009

Deck - Week 3

First beam clamped in place
On Saturday I was able to put up the last post and use a couple of straps to locate and level the first beam. I cut the post notches with a chainsaw which made a mess and turned out pretty uneven and very rough. I told the wife I needed a new toy and ran out Sunday morning to buy a reciprocating "Sawsall." I was also able to complete the flashing on the ledger boards and put in the last few bolts securing them to the house. Also Saturday I put up the rim joist so I could locate the outside edge of the beams which would go up Sunday.
Three beams in place
Sunday, thanks to JTB and his son I was able to get all three beams bolted to the posts. The new saw greatly helped the effort and made the cuts much cleaner and neater than the chainsaw. We also managed to get the center-line double joist square to the house and use that as a reference for squaring up the rim joist and a couple of other key joists. Next: joists and more joists, blocking for the picture-frame deck boards trimming the beam ends and possibly adding the stair posts and framing.

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